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MBL News January February 2021

MBL News January February 2021

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February 3, 2021

MBL News January February 2021

MBL News is South Australia's leading trade magazine for butchers.

In this edition MBL goes green, giving butchers and food service businesses a leg-up in the transition to eco-friendly packaging. MBL, in conjunction with iKON Pack, has developed a range of packaging which is recyclable or certified home compostable, working towards being the food industry's authoritative and trusted supplier of eco-friendly products. The range now includes home compostable vacuum pouches for products such as meat, fish, nuts, dried fruit, cheeses, herbs and spices, plant based foods and more. We have also rolled out compostable eco-cane meat and produce trays, produce bags and takeaway packaging. 

"MBL is on the front foot because green packaging will become mandatory faster than most people think.", MBL General Manager, Sales and Marketing says, also adding, "As well as new regulations on the horizon, shoppers have rising expectations of how their food is packaged and the effect on the environment."

You can also read more about our member's transitions to eco-packaging, including Windsor Meats, Barossa Fine Foods, Angelakis Bros and Standom Smallgoods in the magazine. We also explain how to tell if packaging is truly green, including the difference between biodegradable and compostable and the official logos which certify a product.

"Just because a bag is coloured green doesn't mean it has sustainablility credentials," Bexley says. "Äcross the food sector now, some products carry words and invented logos to give the impression they are green but it's often a false impression. Education is going to have to play a big part of the process."

MBL's home compostable range has passed vigorous testing under the Home Compostable Verification Scheme run by the Australasian Bioplastics Association (ABA) and carry the Home Compostable Australian Standard AS 5810-2010.

You can download your copy of the magazine here.