About Us

Master Butchers Co-operative Ltd, (commonly known throughout the trade as MBL), was formed as a Co-operative in 1905 by South Australian Butchers to service the meat industry in a variety of operations.
It remains as a Co-operative, registered under the Co-operatives National Law (South Australia) Act 2013.

Members consist of retail and wholesale butchers, supermarkets, smallgoods manufacturers, abattoir operators, boning room operators, and seafood and poultry manufacturers and retailers mainly in South Australia, Northern Territory & Western Victoria.
MBL operates from our premises in Athol Park, approximately 15 minutes north-west of the Adelaide Central Business District.

MBL is a proud member of the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals.


One of the first Master Butchers Co-op meetings, 1906


MBL's Hanson Rd head office and showroom today



The organization is controlled by a Board of Directors who implements policy through a strong executive team.

The operations are divided up into a number of trading departments and Divisions as follows:

  • MBL Food Service

    MBL Food Service is a division of Master Butchers Co-operative Ltd. and is a leader in packaging, food ingredients and equipment supplies to the food industry.

    MBL Food Service aims to provide innovative, high quality and cost effective product solutions to your food business by sourcing the best products available locally and overseas, developing collective buying power strategies via Ikon Pack, and having a dedicated team of industry experts whose knowledge is available to help you grow your business.

    MBL supplies the butchery, bakery, seafood, food manufacturing and hospitality industries in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

    MBL Food Service also welcomes the Australian public to shop online for all home cooking, sausage making and domestic food production and packaging needs.

  • MBL Machinery

    Our machinery division supplies an extensive range of food processing equipment and machinery specialising in butchers' machinery. We also stock a wide range of domestic butchers' machinery.

    MBL's after sales service is second to none including warranty assistance and a huge range of parts and accessories for our products either stocked or available to order.

  • MBL Proteins

    MBL Proteins recycle a wide range of food industry waste by way of collection and processing of by-products such as fat, bones and mixed abattoir material from our members in two modern environmentally sound plants, at Wingfield and Keith in South Australia.

     MBL Proteins produces meat meal, bone meal, blood meal, duck meal, poultry meal, poultry tallow,  feather meal and tallow which is sold on the local and export markets.

  • MBL Custom Blending

    We are a high quality, HACCP approved manufacturer and supplier of quality food ingredients to the Australian food and beverage industry. Our blending division excels in research and development, innovative ingredient formulating and blending technology.

    On 1st April, 2020, MBL acquired Medani Foods, a strategy designed to expand the considerable knowledge, innovation, blending technology, product range and capacity of both operations. Medani Foods has now been incorporated into MBL Food Service’s operations, with product development and production centred at MBL’s state-of-the-art blending facility in Athol Park, South Australia.




MBL is HACCP Certified and the registration covers the Food Safety Management System for the blending and packaging of dry ingredients and the sale and distribution of prepared ingredients for consumables to the Food Industry.


MBL are proud members of:


Ikon Pack, Food SA & APCO members